A Christmas Carol Tradition with Rackham and Dickens

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with illustrations by Arthur Rackham. The story of Scrooge is arguably one of the most famous stories that is retold over the festive period. Written by Charles Dickens, it was published just before the Christmas of 1984 and sold out immediately. The novel describes the wealthy miser, Scrooge, whose unsociable … Read more

 A Whizz through Arthur Rackham and his use of the Silhouette in Cinderella

 “Rackham gave his talk on Silhouettes to the Art Workers’ Guild in November 1919, the month in which Cinderella, the first of his two great silhouette books, was published. Cinderella and The Sleeping Beauty differed from Rackham’s preceding books in relying almost wholly on silhouette for their effect. It is immediately clear from the collection … Read more

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