Wodehouse, P. G.

Sir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse more commonly known as P. G Wodehouse(1881–1975) was a prolific English writer with a career of more than seventy years publishing 96 books. He is probably best known for his satire of upper class English society seen through the character of the quaint and humorous Jeeves. His talent for writing saw him develop other series of novels such as “The Blandings Castle” and “The Drones Club” series. His literary talents enabled him to succeed in creating a wide genre of including plays, poems, song lyrics as well as journalism. He moved to France where he was interred by the Nazi party and interrogated by MI15 for resulting radio broadcasts from Berlin. After being cleared of treason by MI5 for being ‘naïve, foolish, but definitely not a traitor’ moved to New York where he live out his days with his wife. His books remain highly collectable and popular.

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